An open lecture on "Failure to Disrupt: Why Technology Alone Can’t Transform Education"

On the 9th of November, a lecture by Justin Reich, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was held on the ISMC MEPhI web platform. Professor Reich presented the results of his research on whether technologies are changing education, what are their advantages and limitations, and what dilemmas arise for teachers using new technologies.

One of the interesting conclusions that Justin Reich notes are that the widespread closure of schools due to the pandemic did not lead to the rise of educational technologies. The services and technologies used by teachers existed back in the 90s.

Professor Reich also drew the audience's attention to the problem that prevents the rapid introduction of technologies in education - the need to master each specific technology is not only for the teacher but also for students and the administration of educational institutions.
For viewing the lecture follow the ISMC YouTube channel

The event was organized by the ISMC MEPhI in partnership with the CSR North-West Foundation and it was moderated by Dmitry Sanatov, deputy director of the CSR North-West Foundation.