Agreement with the University 20.35

20.35 University and MEPhI have agreed on long-term cooperation

MEPhI and the University signed a long-term cooperation agreement on 20.35 within the framework of the project "Personnel for the digital economy" of the national program "Digital economy in the Russian Federation".

The main goal of cooperation is to create a talent pool for the digital economy. This includes the development of training programs, retraining and internships for employees of higher education institutions in the field of mathematics, computer science, and digital technologies, support for programs aimed at developing competencies in the field of digital economy, and the formation of a professional community of methodologists, teachers, and research and teaching staff.

The signing of this agreement is an important Stage in the development of ISMCf MEPhI, since cooperation with the University 20.35 will allow us to fulfill many of the tasks set for the center. Thus, within the framework of cooperation, various studies will be conducted to identify market needs in digital competencies, as well as joint conferences, round tables, lectures and other events aimed at sharing experience in the field of digital economy. The first joint events of the ISMC and the University 20.35 will be held in October.