An Open lecture on "Didactics of the future: how will digital change teaching?"

On the 5th of November a lecture by Piet Kommers, professor at the University of Twente (Netherlands), was held as part of the Foresight council series of events. Professor Commerce told about whether digital teaching will change and whether the computer will become the teacher of the future, about what areas of didactics need to be transformed in the context of digital technologies, the effectiveness of various learning models, and how the approach to learning is changing in general today.

Dr. Kommers noted that now when the principle of life-long learning (continuous education) prevails in education, it is necessary to take into account first of all the needs of the student and his manner of learning and build the educational process based on this. Mixed learning as a combination of working with a teacher and a large amount of independent work, is one of the most effective ways of learning, allowing you to take into account such individual characteristics as the pace of learning, type of thinking, and many other factors.

After the lecture, the second session of the foresight Council was held on "New didactics: future learning technologies". Participants discussed the requirements of modern didactics to the applied pedagogical technologies and what tools a teacher should master in order to apply these technologies in practice.

For viewing the lecture by professor Kommers follow the ISMC YouTube channel

The event was organized by the ISMC MEPhI in partnership with the CSR North-West Foundation. The online discussion is a continuation of a series of events devoted to the future of education entitled "Foresight council". The event was moderated by Dmitry Sanatov, deputy director of the CSR North-West Foundation.