An online discussion about the future of engineering education

On the 18th of November was held an online discussion on "Educational technologies of the future: what is waiting for engineering and computing Sciences in the next 10 years?"
Experts from Finland, Croatia, and France shared their methods of applying modern technologies in the educational process. Speakers noted that when studying online, it is important to be able to interest the student and support their involvement. Collecting statistics and feedback also plays an important role in the organization of the educational process.

As in previous lectures, the speakers noted that one of the main challenges of modern education is the development of ways to acquire knowledge.

The lecture was followed by a regular session of the "Foresight council". Participants discussed what digital tools they use in their teaching practice and tried to assess the prospects for some of them for the period 2025-2030.

A recording of the discussion is available on the ISMC Youtube channel at the link

The event was organized by the ISMC MEPhI in partnership with the CSR North-West Foundation and it was moderated by Dmitry Sanatov, deputy director of the CSR North-West Foundation.