Intensive course «In demand competence of an engineer. Digitalization challenges» took place on the 27 of February at the JSC EC «ASE».

Intensive course of the developers team of the educational programs «In demand competence of an engineer. Digitalization challenges» took place on the 27 of February.
Intensive was a work part of the event "Creation and operation of a network of international scientific and methodological centers for the dissemination of best international practices for training, retraining and internships of advanced digital economy personnel in the fields of mathematics, computer science, and technology" of the Federal project "Personnel for the digital economy" of the national program "Digital economy of the Russian Federation" in 2019-2021.

Konstantin Kogos, acting head of the center, delivered an introductory remarks and presentation about the directions of the activities of the ISMC.

Alexander Shamanin, an expert of JSC EC «ASE», told about high requirements for modern specialists in connection with the development of digital technologies on the example of the competence of JSC EC «ASE» engineers. Alexander also told about the activities of the Higher engineering school of MEPhI, which trains universal specialists for JSC EC «ASE» system engineers, designers physicists, programmers and design technologists.

Sergey Legkonogikh, head of the Department of non-destructive testing methods of Melitek Ltd, delivered a report on the Fourth industrial revolution, the so-called Industry 4.0. Sergey told about the main principles of building Industry 4.0, need for more widespread use of information technologies in production, and increasing automation of all processes and stages of production.

The proposals and wishes of new master's programs and courses were made by the masters of Higher engineering school of NRNU MEPhI, specialists of JSC EC «ASE» Maria Kolomiets, Alexander Bakharev, Yulia Shishkanova.

Vyacheslav Agapkin, сhief expert of the Department of educational programs of of JSC EC «ASE» expressed his vision of future education and new competencies.

The conclusions obtained during the event will allow to formulate the directions of interaction between the NRNU MEPhI and JSC EC «ASE».