An open lecture on "On the way to University 2.0 and beyond".

On the 25th of November, was held an open lecture by Carlos Delgado Kloos. The lecture is devoted to the future of universities and the impact of technology on higher education. Dr. Kloos noted that the modern educational process relies more on the capabilities of cloud technologies.
Cloud technologies allow teachers and students to interact with more interactively and make education more accessible. It is thanks to these technologies that the phenomenon of mass open online courses has emerged.

Also, this day was held a final session of "Foresight council" experts. This time, the session participants discussed what changes should occur in the educational process management system and the university as a whole, and how data will contribute to these changes. The experts also discussed where all this data is stored and what tools are needed to process it.
A recording of the lecture is available on the ISMC Youtube channel by the following link

The event was organized by the ISMC MEPhI in partnership with the CSR North-West Foundation and it was moderated by Dmitry Sanatov, deputy director of the CSR North-West Foundation.