ISMC MEPhI held an online discussion on the preparation of teams for WorldSkills competitions in digital competencies

On the 27th of May, ISMC MEPhI held an online discussion "WorldSkills Digital competencies: how to build team training at the University?". The discussion was attended by more than 400 participants from more than 50 educational organizations from Russia, as well as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

WorldSkills is an international non-profit movement that aims to increase the prestige of working professions and develop professional education by harmonizing best practices and professional standards around the world through the organization and conduct of professional skill competitions in each country and the whole world.

The discussion was moderated by Pavel Ryabov, head of the Office of Academic Affairs of the Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems of MEPhI. The discussion focused on the question: how to prepare teams of students for the Intercollegiate WorldSkills Championships, WorldSkills Hi-Tech, and DigitalSkills Championships?

Alexey Ponomarenko, Director of the engineering competence Block of the Rosatom Corporate Academy., shared his experience of holding the first WorldSkills competitions in Russia, as well as the Rosatom AtomSkills corporate competitions.

Lyudmila Stefanenko, Deputy Director for development of The Russian quantum center, Manager of the "Quantum technologies" competence WorldSkills, told about how universities should prepare teams for competitions in the "Quantum technologies" competence, and how this competence has changed recently.

Emil Altynbayev, Deputy chief expert of the competence "Analysis of data security from external threats" AtomSkills in 2018-2020, head of the cybersecurity Department of JSC "Greenatom", told about the experience of preparing teams for competitions based on JSC "Greenatom". Emil shared ways to increase a participant's motivation and tips for overcoming psychological barriers.

Alexey Grekhov, Head of the WorldSkills competence center of MEPhI, shared the experience of MEPhI in preparing teams of schoolchildren and students for competitions under the auspices of WorldSkills.

Artem Ignatov, silver medalist of the Russian championship in Droneracing, expert of the competence "management of unmanned aerial vehicles", told about his experience of forming a team, participating in competitions of different levels: from intra-University Championships to the world championship.

At the end of the discussion, Pavel Ryabov reminded the audience about the ISMC MEPhI professional development program, which is open for registration.