Functional programming
Boolean function
Analysis of medical images
Verification of digital devices
Kudryavtsev K. Ya. Functional programming: lecture notes [Electronic resource]. Moscow.: MEPhI, 2020. - 112 p.
1. Functional approach to software development
2. Syntax and structure of programs
3. Recursion
4. Work with lists
5. High order functions
6. Trees and sets in Haskell
7. Input / output in Haskell
8. Monads and functors
9. Debugging in Haskell
Radygin V. Yu., Kupriyanov D. Yu. Databases: fundamentals, design, development of the information systems, projects: a course of lectures. Tutorial material [Electronic resource]. Moscow.: MEPhI, 2020. - 244 p.

1. Introduction to database theory. Data model. DBMS. History. Relational model (mathematical basis) and Codd's 12 rules
2. SQL. DDL component (basics)
3. SQL. DML component
4. PL/SQL.
5. The database design. Theory of normal forms. IDEF1X. Database design projects
6. SQL. DDL component (views, sequences, procedures, functions, triggers, indexes). DCL and TCL components
7. Application development using databases. Security. Project for modification of the reference application
8. Modern object and NOSQL technologies. Google Cloud technologies
Epishkina A. V. Boolean functions and their application: a course of lectures [Electronic resource]. Moscow: MEPhI, 2020. - 72 p.

1. Elementary Boolean functions and ways to set them
2. Normal forms of Boolean functions
3. Spectral representation of Boolean functions
4. Completeness and closure of Boolean function systems
5. Minimization of Boolean functions
6. Classification of Boolean functions
7. Special properties of Boolean functions and nonlinear mappings
Trofimov A. G. Analysis of medical images: a course of lectures. Tutorial material [Electronic resource]. Moscow: MEPhI, 2020. - 132 p.

1. Introduction to medical image analysis
2. Mathematical foundations of image processing
3. Methods for improving the contrast of the images
4. Methods of selection and improve borders
5. Methods of noise eliminating
Skitev A. A. Verification of digital devices: a course of lectures. Tutorial material [Electronic resource]. Moscow: MEPhI, 2020. - 92 p.

1. Verification. The purpose and approaches;
2. SystemVerilog – the basics of the language;
3. SystemVerilog – object-oriented part of the language;
4. UVM structure of the test environment;
5. UVM basic elements of the test environment and phase;
6. UVM generation of test sequences;
7. UVM test and virtual sequences;
8. Approvals and functional coverage.
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