ISMC National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

ISMC goal
ISMC was established with the aim to improve the training system of scientific and pedagogical personnel in accordance with world's standards, taking into account global trends in the development of research and evolution in the field of computer science and digital technologies, including through the creation of a network structure of partner educational organizations that are ready to test and implement technologies, methods and approaches to educate students in mathematics, information technology, programming and end-to-end technologies based on the best international standards and practices aggregated by National Research Nuclear University MEPhI.
ISMC tasks
Researching and prediction requests for digital competencies
Formation of new competence models of specialists and NPR
Development of new educational programs and tutorial materials
Development and publication of the online courses (MOOC and POOC)
Engagement of leading experts
Transfer of educational technologies and products from leading foreign universities
Creation a network of professional communication between methodologists and teachers
Creation an academic reserve of specialists for personnel training for digital economy

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Omerova Natalya Leonidovna
Head of the office department responsible for project collaboration with industry partners